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Transformation and development of biomass energy to cogeneration

"realizing clean heating is a major strategic task for China at present and in the future. In this context, cogeneration has become one of the important components of renewable energy, and the best development direction of biomass energy." There is no need for Chinese industrial developers to panic. Chen Xiaoping, chairman of the biomass energy industry branch of the exhibition promotion association, said at the "2018 china denmark renewable energy clean heating Summit Forum" held recently that biomass energy clean heating has a natural advantage in civil and industrial heating in small and medium-sized regions. Vigorously developing biomass cogeneration can effectively reduce dependence on fossil and coal energy, Contribute to winning the blue sky defense war, ASA, pc/asa alloy and other material schemes

in recent years, the annual power generation of biomass power generation in China is about 80billion kwh, accounting for 1.4% of China's total annual power generation. Although the proportion is limited, from the perspective of environmental protection and people's livelihood, biomass energy industry is indispensable. "The construction of a 25000 kW biomass power plant (thermal power plant) can consume more than 300000 tons of agricultural and forestry residual waste every year.

based on the purchase price of 300 yuan/ton, a biomass purchase market of 90million yuan per year can be formed, which is of great significance to people's livelihood and environmental protection." Zhangdayong, Executive Deputy Secretary General of biomass energy industry branch of China Association for the promotion of industrial development, said that there is no doubt that the development potential of China's biomass energy market is huge

according to statistics, in the first quarter of 2018, China's biomass power generation increased by 990000 kW, with a cumulative installed capacity of 15.75 million KW, an increase of 24% year-on-year; In the first quarter, biomass power generation reached 17.86 billion kwh, a year-on-year increase of 19.1%, and continued to maintain a steady growth momentum

"next, China's biomass energy industry should be transformed and upgraded from single biomass power generation to biomass cogeneration or biomass heating (cooling). On this basis, it should be upgraded to comprehensive energy services, and explore the provision of electric energy, thermal energy and related value-added services. For example, provide users with facility optimization solutions." The experts at the meeting agreed. Take heating as an example. At present, China clearly supports the development of biomass heating. According to the relevant guidance, by 2020, the installed capacity of biomass cogeneration will exceed 12million kW, the total heating area of biomass heating will be about 1billion square meters, and the annual direct replacement of coal will be about 30million tons

"in the future, biomass energy should provide more heat and less power generation, develop to the operation mode of giving priority to heat supply and supplemented by power generation, and vigorously develop biomass cogeneration." Zhang Dayong said that from its own characteristics and foreign application practice, the development of cogeneration and clean heating is the best development direction of biomass energy industry. In this regard, Denmark, one of the countries with the highest energy efficiency in the world, has experience to learn from

at present, 63% of households in Denmark are district heating, and about 60% of electricity comes from cogeneration with an efficiency of 92%. Using cogeneration for heating and power generation, its overall energy efficiency is much higher than that of heating separately. The four point bending resistance method has a certain constant bending moment range and power generation, and the efficiency can be as high as 85% - 90%. Compared with heating and power generation alone, it can save 30% fuel

"district heating and cogeneration have become and will continue to be a key factor in Denmark's green transformation." Danfoss heating division China Asia Pacific and long fiber injection process (hereinafter referred to as "LFI") is a series of system solutions developed by Klaus mafi for fiber-reinforced lightweight structures. Yu Yongming, President of India and chairman of the Chinese branch of the Danish district heating Commission, told that this includes a large number of biomass energy projects. He also introduced that Denmark has achieved heating on demand and charging by square meter

"in China, biomass energy will have new and greater achievements in clean heating, air pollution prevention and control, targeted poverty alleviation, etc. the biomass energy industry should strengthen communication and coordination with energy, finance, price, ecological environment and other departments, and promote the accelerated development of biomass cogeneration and biomass heating (cooling)." Zhang Dayong said that the biomass energy industry involves the discharge of waste gas and waste water. Relevant national departments should strengthen supervision, and industries and enterprises should also strengthen self-discipline, maintain information transparency, and interact with surrounding residents, so as to promote the benign development of the industry

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