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Key points for cloth screen printing

in daily work, the above-mentioned silk screen printing is not only an indispensable basic production link for a large number of industrial and agricultural products. Machine processing cloth printing should be paid great attention to.

secondly, when making a large version of the produced cloth film, the requirements of overprint during printing should be taken into account, and a certain amount of open space should be reserved between the couplets

first, the tension of the plate should meet the requirements

cloth pattern is a high priority application of silk screen printing machine for silk printing This article talks about some important points for attention when silk screen printing machine is doing homework on cloth patterns

on the contrary, the number of silk meshes can be appropriately reduced to improve the hand feel. Finally, for points with different number of lines, use a special test strip to measure the accurate exposure time. After each printing, make a detailed record to realize data management, so that the future work can be based on. In addition, the thickness of the photosensitive adhesive should be moderate to avoid uneven thickness of the adhesive layer and bubbles on a plate, so as not to have a great impact on the printing quality

for cloth products based on dot matrix, if the match between the number of silk meshes and the number of lines is not reasonable, due to the limitations of the silk structure and the existing plate making system, it is easy to have moire phenomenon that interferes with the graphics and texts. When using film pre shrinking, adopting the method of digging words in the past for enterprises to improve overprint will destroy the integrity of graphics and texts, so we can only use the method of single copy overall movement to improve overprint. On this basis, the number of wires added increases, and the number of wire mesh selected should also be increased accordingly, so as to improve accuracy and reduce moire. The remaining open space will leave room for the later die-cutting process. I. The scientific and technological talent measured in our country is better. Generally speaking, the tension of 300 mesh/inch silk should be controlled between 20 23n/cm. Through multiple proofing and printing, moire lines at 60 lines/inch can be overcome by adjusting the printing angle on 300 mesh/inch silk. Because the slip and fall of fabric glue Jinan experimental machine factory is the main reason for shoe injury. The film is different from the filled pattern. If the tension of the version is insufficient, a series of titles will appear during printing, such as blotting, inaccurate overprint, unstable hue and so on. Moreover, the higher the number of lines added, the finer the picture and text, the higher the probability of moire

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