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The design of intelligent instruments should pay attention to the link

foreign intelligent instruments not only pay attention to the reliability design of the instrument itself, but also consider the serviceability. Generally, the reliability of electronic instruments and meters belongs to exponential distribution, while the reliability of instruments with many machined parts belongs to normal distribution, and the actual calculation is not very complicated. The instrument design of our country should pay attention to this, which is an important key link of product quality

pay attention to maintainability design

maintainability, which includes not only the maintenance of products in use, but also the technical indicators such as the calibration function, debugging function and maintenance function of instruments in the production stage. Zhao Wei, CEO of maintenance 5, introduced that it must be guaranteed in the design stage. Foreign intelligent instruments and meters have a high degree of maintenance, so that they can be used for production commissioning and maintenance, including the implementation of 11 in the design. After use, turn off the machine according to the program requirements, and it is strictly forbidden to directly cut off the power supply of the automatic detection system. The product designed in this way provides users with great convenience in the process of measurement and use

advanced design means and methods

modern design means, such as logic analyzer and computer-aided design system, are widely used in the design of intelligent instruments and meters in foreign countries. The main body of the third floor of the office building has been completed, which can improve the design and debugging efficiency by dozens or even hundreds of times. Therefore, no matter how big the difference between them is, China's instrument industry should pay attention to and implement the application of cad/cam

product serialization and generalization

foreign instrument manufacturers have done a good job in product serialization. Almost every type of product has launched a series of products. There are simple to complex functional series; There are low to high range series; There are different accessory series such as instrument accessories and interfaces. This will bring great attraction to users and considerable benefits

advanced intelligent instruments and meters have strong versatility. This is prominently reflected in the fact that most products have a general interface system, which can easily interconnect the system and form an automatic test system with computers. In this way, the use and scope of instruments and meters have been greatly expanded

synchronous development of automatic test system

most of the new instruments and meters are based on microprocessors( μ P) Intelligent design. In this way, manual debugging is very difficult and sometimes impossible. Therefore, automatic test system (ATS) should be developed synchronously with the development of instruments. With the strong technical support of ATS, the mass production of carefully designed intelligent instruments can be reliably guaranteed. Foreign large instrument and computer manufacturers, without exception, are equipped with high-level automatic detection, automatic calibration and maintenance technology functions and systems

complete supporting service facilities

intelligent instruments are equipped with detailed instructions, giving many practical operation procedures, and attached with various optional accessories for expanding the scope of application. The design of these accessories should be integrated with the design of the host machine, and the vulnerable parts and regular replacement parts of the instrument should be supplied together, which makes users feel very convenient. With the development of this "soft science", the intelligent level of hardware circuits of instruments and meters can be rapidly improved. The British manufacturer is a good example in this regard. The integrated circuit industry in Britain is relatively weak, but the instrument industry is very advanced. This mainly lies in using modern design ideas and schemes to organize the design of instruments composed of imported components. The modernization of China's instrument industry should first be the modernization and intellectualization of instrument design. Only in this way can we enter a virtuous circle, make the design and production of instruments and meters based on localization, and promote the rapid development of instruments and meters in our country

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