One week's market of Jiaxing light textile raw mat

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One week's market situation of Shengze Jiaxing light textile raw material market

polyester Market: this week, Shengze and Jiaxing, as one of the distribution centers of China's chemical fiber raw materials, suffered from the decline of upstream raw material prices, the trading atmosphere of polyester market continued to fall, the average daily trading volume decreased compared with last week, and the market varieties were traded sporadically. Due to the fact of foreign silk dumping, some spinning plants in Shengze region slightly lowered the ex factory price of FDY semi dull silk, and DTY POY also has 100 yuan/t

according to the market dynamics, the current central prices of dty150d, 200D and 300D are 13300 yuan/t, 13100 yuan/t and 12800 yuan/t respectively, which is 100 yuan/t lower than the price at the end of last week. The 75d/36f and 72F (WEB) markets are still in good condition. Among them, the demand for dty75d/72f (WEB) both on warp knitting machines and on jet weaving is increasing. In particular, the first-class dty75d/36f (WEB) is affordable and popular on warp knitting machines. At present, the mainstream price in the market is about 15000 yuan/t. There are also dty75d/144f, 100/144f and 150d/144f winding wires, which continue to maintain a good sales volume. The prices of FDY dayuangguang 50d/24d and 36F products remained stable today, and the dealers refused to give in easily. However, the consumption of FDY dayuangguang 75d/3 plastic bags was still large, and the unqualified products were still circulating in the market. The sales situation of 6F products was not ideal. Low prices continued to appear, and the lowest price was 13100 yuan/t. In the past week, the 50D sales of POY have barely moved. POY silk is used for direct 75D and 100D. Due to the unsalable pile fabric in the cloth market, the weaving demand is not strong, and the market is in a state of price without market. The downstream demand of FDY wire 50d/48f is acceptable. It is mainly used to produce conventional 290t polyester taffeta. 54d of warp knitting machine is popular, and the market transaction price is about yuan/t. For 63d and 68D, the downstream lining is an important reference index for quality control and utilization design. The sales are slow and the price is relatively weak. Although the market quotation has not changed much, the actual transaction price has been compromised by yuan/t; The downstream demand of fdy75d/36f is acceptable, the quoted price is RMB/t, and the actual transaction price is RMB/t. However, the trading volume of fdy150d/96f market has decreased, and the silk price has also decreased. At present, the central price is 12400 yuan/t, and the low price is 12200 yuan/t. Polyester FDY all matte yarn in the market continues to sell well, especially fdy66d/48f matte polyester taff series, with increased production capacity and demand, showing a good round of trading. The trading volume of polyester/polyester composite fiber is stable, and the market price trend remains stable. Compared with the market of polyester/polyester composite fiber, (dt50d+poy50d) (dt1 vulnerable part 3: electromechanical 00d+poy100d), the market is still good. Judging from the situation of this week, the current production and sales rate of polyester is not ideal. The average production and sales rate is mostly around 90%, and some cases are slightly better than 90%. In general, the downstream demand procurement is quite cautious, and it is expected that the overall polyester market will have a weak downward trend next week

yarn Market: in the past week, the overall market of all cotton yarn has been in the consolidation situation of "stable volume and price", and the sales volume of J21S all cotton yarn has slightly increased, and the current price is 22100 yuan/t; 32S and 40s cotton yarn can be sold, and the current price is 18800 yuan/t and 20500 yuan/t; All cotton yarn j40s is still moving, mainly interwoven with nylon silk to produce brocade cotton series. The transaction volume of 90/1045s polyester cotton yarn increased slightly, mainly for the production of polyester cotton lining series on shuttle looms. The price of individual varieties of polyester cotton yarn decreased slightly by 50 yuan/t, such as 80/2045s polyester cotton yarn. The market quotation of polyester viscose yarn is relatively stable due to factors such as installation or allowing material overstress, while the actual transaction price has shown signs of compromise. The price of some pure polyester yarn varieties is lower. For example, the price of 60s is reduced by 100 yuan/t, and the current price is 17000 yuan/t, and the price of 32S and 45s pure polyester yarn is slightly reduced by 100 yuan/t. The price trend of cotton yarn is barely stable, and the sales volume of 10s is acceptable. At present, the price is 15700 yuan/t. The price of polyester staple fiber fell all the way, and the average market price fell to 11350 yuan/t; The future market will also affect the downward trend of pure polyester yarn prices

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