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Kitchen hardware: online and offline integrated development

at present, there are a wide range of kitchen hardware, covering household, commercial and other fields. As shown in the column of kitchen hardware on China Yongkang Hardware index, there are kitchen tools, tableware, cookers, kitchen appliances and other products in the hardware city market, which not only involve a wide range of uses, but also bring people a better experience with more and more humanized and intelligent design to effectively serve modern life

yuzhaojian: small parts play a great role

"the integrated stove perfectly integrates the functions of range hood, gas stove, disinfection cabinet, storage cabinet, etc., to maximize the use efficiency of multiple functions. The oil smoke absorption rate is more than 99%, and the design characteristics of the lower exhaust are in line with the ergonomics..." in the Yongkang general agent store of Senge electric appliance in Hardware City Phase I, Yuzhaojian, the person in charge, is patiently introducing the advantages of the latest products to consumers who come to buy. It is understood that yuzhaojian has been stationed in the hardware city for 15 years, while he chose to represent Senge brand nine years ago. Yuzhaojian believes that after the integrated cooker appeared in the market in 2002, it has been gradually accepted by consumers in the past five years. More and more intelligent products are the new trend of the development of kitchen appliances in the future

"as the improvement of consumer demand forces hardware accessories to be upgraded, hardware plays a key role in the service life of kitchen cabinets, and the ease of use of drawers depends on hardware such as slide rails." Yuzhaojian said that at present, more and more hardware accessories have been given new design highlights

Jia Yanjun: various styles and wide channels

in Jia Yanjun's Mongkok food machinery store, high shelves are filled with commercial kitchen supplies, ranging from manual noodle machines to multi-functional refiners. That is, it has a better feel than some brands that are good at plastics. "It has been 11 years since the store was opened. From the previous store to the current three stores, the changes are nothing more than more types of products, better appearance and more advanced technology." Jia Yanjun said that as the wholesale of kitchen products in the hardware city market became more and more popular, he began to move to the retail market. "In the early days of opening the store, I realized that online sales had to keep up, so I was involved in Taobao, wechat and other channels."

at present, Jia Yanjun has also opened up the cross-border market by virtue of manual products such as noodle machines and refiners

■ some merchants have said that

kitchen hardware needs to improve the scientific and technological content

the lazy lifestyle that people hope now requires hardware to be more and more humanized and intelligent. This is more obvious in the kitchen industry where the hardware utilization rate is very high

yuzhaojian said that hardware plays such an important role in home furnishings, but the domestic high-end kitchen hardware market and the home furnishing franchise brand market with high profits are mostly occupied by imported hardware enterprises. The cabinet hardware accessories of major well-known brands are basically covered by European enterprises such as Blum and heitisch. As graphene is a good conductor, the foreign high-end cabinet field has even launched a simple design without a handle to seize the domestic market

"in fact, the trend of 'outward' development of domestic enterprises producing kitchen products has become more and more obvious, while the products that open the cross-border market are only dominated by manual products, which are still low-end." Jia Yanjun frankly said that low product prices, low added value and low profits make it difficult for the industry to improve. If domestic kitchen hardware accessories want to extend upward, they still need to improve the design and scientific and technological content of products in order to stand on the high-end market stage

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