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Only a few Spring Festival couplets were given out at the end of the year. The employees were stunned by the "50 month salary", "Mercedes Benz and BMW cars", "free 7-day overseas travel"... At the end of each year, the year-end bonuses of some enterprises always attract people's attention and cause all kinds of envy, jealousy and hatred. However, the world of local tyrants is too far away from us. How many year-end bonuses do ordinary people around us have this year

declining type: in the past, it was able to issue fourorfive thousand yuan. This year, it only issued the vice Spring Festival couplets

"those year-end bonuses with more than ten months' salary and stock option incentive are only from other people's families. We basically have nothing this year!" Yesterday, when I mentioned the year-end bonus, Mr. Wang, who worked in a manufacturing and modeling enterprise in Huai'an Development Zone, looked helpless. Mr. Wang said that he has been in the company for nearly 10 years. In the past, the enterprise had a good profit. By the end of the year, each of their technicians could get a year-end bonus of fourorfive yuan. However, this year, the manufacturing industry is very depressed, and many employees of the company have left their jobs. Today, the enterprise is even short of monthly wages, let alone a year-end bonus of several thousand yuan. "

a few days ago, the person in charge of our department sent several Spring Festival couplets to each of us, telling us that 2. Electronic universal tensile machine: the electronic universal tensile machine is suitable for testing the mechanical properties of various metal and non-metal materials, such as stretching, tightening, bending, shearing, tearing, peeling, puncture, etc. we are entitled to the year-end bonus, which makes us all dumbfounded." Mr. Wang said that, in fact, this is not the first time that the company has issued holiday benefits in this way. "During the Dragon Boat Festival, other companies issued benefits. Our company asked the canteen to give each person two zongzi. Everyone said with a wry smile that our company's benefits are the most direct, and the things issued are both timely and affordable." Mr. Wang said that the company's efficiency is not good, and he plans to look for a job again after the new year

growth type: physical cash shopping cards make you very satisfied. However, we put Jinan trial fund into operation on October 8 to learn about some relevant information. It is understood that there are always a few enterprises like Mr. Wang's company that do not issue anything. Many citizens told us that the year-end bonus of their own units this year has increased slightly compared with the previous year. Ms. Zhu, a citizen, works in an automobile 4S store in the urban area. She told me that when she first arrived at the company three years ago, the company only issued a supermarket shopping card of 200 yuan to each employee. But this year, the company's benefits were good. "Our task of selling cars was completed one month ahead of schedule. The leaders were happy, and the things we issued were much more generous than before. There were rice, oil, fruit gift boxes and other objects, as well as a bonus of 1000 yuan. It was also very good." Ms. Zhu said

it is also an automobile related industry. The person in charge of a car rental company in Huai'an later told that almost all Nokia lumia series mobile phones adopted polycarbonate shells. Last year, the backbone employees of their unit only had 3000 yuan of year-end bonus, but this year the bonus has increased to 5000 yuan, "The increase in the year-end bonus is mainly due to the fact that the number of employees in our company has not increased, but the turnover and profits have increased significantly. This is the result of one year's efforts. I hope you can make persistent efforts in the coming year."

Mr. Tan, a citizen, is nearly 60 years old this year. Originally retired at home, he found a job as a security guard in a community. Mr. Tan told us that his unit's new year's benefits have also increased this year. "A box of peanut oil and two bags of 10kg northeast rice, the person in charge also asked our security guards to have a meal these two days. It is calculated that the new year's benefits add up to nearly 500 yuan." Mr. Tan said that as a retired person, he is very satisfied to have these

rich type: over 10000 bonus plus iphone6, you can get a profit after a hard year

if you want to say that the industry with rich year-end bonus is not the financial industry. Ms. Zhou, who works in a financial institution in Huai'an, told that at this year's annual meeting of the company, the boss gave everyone an iphone6. In addition, according to different performance, each employee had a cash reward ranging from 10000 to 20000 yuan. Ms. Xia, who works in a bank in Huai'an, told her that her company's year-end bonus is based on performance plus basic bonus. The basic bonus adds up to about 6000 yuan. With performance, ordinary employees can get 20000 or 30000 yuan, and employees with good performance can get more than 50000 yuan

although the year-end bonus is rich, Ms. Xia told them that their work pressure is very high. "Most of the year-end bonus is linked to various indicators such as deposits. Without performance, we can only get a few thousand yuan. We are really under great pressure to complete the indicators every day!" Ms. Zhou also said that the income is in direct proportion to the pay. "Overtime is a common thing for us. For some time, our front desk tellers had to be busy until more than 9 p.m. to get off work. A little more at the end of the year can also be regarded as a reward for our hard year."

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