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Only 6 water heating valve enterprises, the largest taxpayer in Nan'an, were listed on the list

recently, Nan'an issued a notice to commend the largest taxpayer in 2017, and 289 enterprises with tax payment exceeding 3million yuan were listed on the list. Among them, 94 enterprises paid more than 10 million yuan in taxes, an increase of 7 compared with 2016. Recently, Nan'an issued a notice in recognition of the large taxpayer who needed to adopt the method of shifting the middle of the break to convert the annual taxes in 2017, and 289 enterprises paid more than 3 million yuan in taxes were on the list. Among them, 94 enterprises paid taxes exceeding RMB 10 million, an increase of 7 compared with 2016

2017's major taxpayers include plumbing, stone, machinery, finance, real estate, communications, footwear, clothing, textile and other industries. Among them, Guotai Junan Securities Co., Ltd. Nan'an Chenggong Street securities business department, Jiumu Group Co., Ltd. and Industrial Securities Co., Ltd. Nan'an Xinhua Street securities business positions rank among the top three

Guotai Junan paid 609million yuan in taxes, ranking first in the list.

compared with the tax list of previous years, it was found that 275 enterprises paid more than 3million yuan in 12 years by slowly cooling out 20 pairs of PE and PP; Increased to 334 in 2013; From 2014 to 2016, there were 330, 265 and 258 respectively; In 2017, it rose to 289

for enterprises with tax payment exceeding RMB 100 million, in 2017, Guotai Junan Securities Co., Ltd. ranked first in the securities business position of Nan'an Chenggong street, with tax payment of RMB 609million (in 2016, the tax payment was RMB 268million, ranking second); Jiumu Group Co., Ltd. ranks second with a tax payment of 398million yuan (ranking first with a tax payment of 534million yuan in 2016); Industrial Securities Co., Ltd. Nan'an Xinhua Street securities business department ranked third with 277million yuan (the tax paid in 2016 was 245million yuan, ranking third)

it is worth mentioning that this year, the number of enterprises paying taxes exceeding 100 million yuan is the same as last year, with 7 enterprises. In addition to the above three enterprises, the other four enterprises are Nanan Chenggong Street securities business department of Huafu Securities Co., Ltd., Fujian Nanan Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd., Fujian Nanan power supply Co., Ltd. and Quanzhou tiandihui Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd

stone, machinery and other industries have become the main force of tax payment

according to the relevant person in charge of Nan'an economic and Information Technology Bureau, from the perspective of tax payment, the major taxpayers in Nan'an are mainly concentrated in the real estate and financial industries, as well as several local characteristic industries such as stone ceramics and mechanical equipment

the stone and ceramic industry and the mechanical equipment industry have continued their strong performance in recent years. Among them, 67 enterprises in the stone and ceramic industry have paid taxes of more than 3million yuan. The comprehensive product testing specifications and specific testing of unique goods in the mechanical equipment industry must be specially designed! More than 30 enterprises were shortlisted. The real estate industry and the financial industry also performed well, with 37 and 24 enterprises on the list respectively; The footwear, clothing and textile industry performed well, with 14 enterprises on the list

in addition, it is found that in recent years, affected by the overall economic situation, stone and plumbing enterprises fluctuate greatly in the range of tax payment, while other industries are relatively stable

as a pillar industry of Nan'an, in 2011, there were more than 30 enterprises with tax payment exceeding 3million yuan in the stone industry, more than 60 in 2012, increased to 86 in 2013, 82 in 2014, decreased to 69 in 2015, 65 in 2016 and 54 in 2017

in previous years, the plumbing valve industry, which played an important role in the large taxpayers, can also customize various experimental data processing software and experimental auxiliary equipment industries according to the domestic and international standards provided by users. Except for Jiumu group, which is more prominent, relatively few plumbing valve enterprises entered the list this year, and only 6 enterprises were listed

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