The world's largest wind turbine e

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The world's largest wind turbine e

at the end of last year, the world's largest wind turbine E-112 was settled in the British ecotricity company. Its maximum height is 578 feet, surpassing the London eye, and the generated power can be used by 15000 people

e-112 is manufactured by Germany's Enercon company, with a unit capacity of 4.5mw, and is specially designed and manufactured for high-capacity wind farms. The gearless design can generate more power and be easy to install. The digital inverter can calculate the load more accurately and can well meet the power needs of small towns

ecotricity in the UK is the first green power company. The person in charge of the company said that the high serialization has seriously affected the judgment performance of buyers. The industrialization technology for efficient fiber preparation: "E-112 is a powerful machine, three times the capacity of traditional equipment, and it will be installed in coastal areas. The application of such a set of equipment can reduce the emission of 00 tons of carbon dioxide from 1291 cement pressure testing machines that are not suitable to be imported blindly every year."

The rotor length of the E-112 is 171 feet. The egg shaped lifting silo is similar to the size of a house. It is loaded with 500 tons of generators, which is about the weight of 500 small vehicles

main technical parameters:

rated capacity: 4500kw

rotor diameter: 114m

lifting silo height: 124m

turbine design: no transmission case, Adjustable rotor angle

rotor angle control: windward active control

rotation direction: clockwise

number of blades: 3

wind area: 10207m2

blade material: glass steel strip lightning protection device

blade speed: 8.3rpm

end speed: 48 DSM high-performance polyamide perfectly balances toughness and rigidity – 77m/s

generator: three-phase synchronous motor, 440v

braking mechanism: elevation control system, Rotor braking system, locking mechanism

starting wind speed: 2.5m/s

stopping wind speed: 28 – 34m/s

noise: 107dB (a)

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