Only 20 companies' equities are left in the hottes

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High proportion pledge crisis meets the tide of "pledge release". Only 20 companies' equity pledge exceeds 70%

since this year, the capital market has remained depressed, and the share prices of Listed Companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen using the same material for different parts have also been hit hard. Therefore, many companies have fallen into a high proportion of pledge crisis, and even the equity of individual companies has been closed

since the beginning of the year, the problem of pledge of high proportion of equity of listed companies has broken out frequently and is becoming more and more serious. Especially in the first half of this year, hundreds of important shareholders of listed companies faced the risk of position explosion

according to statistics, among the 3560 listed companies, 3465 have had equity pledge, accounting for 97.33%

it can be said that there is no pledge without any shares. For a time, investors and the market were also quite panic stricken

On October 19, liushiyu, chairman of China Securities Regulatory Commission, said that local governments were encouraged to help listed companies with development prospects but temporarily in difficulties in operation to ease the plight of stock pledge

in fact, prior to this, Shenzhen state-owned assets had thrown out a ten billion yuan rescue plan, and the governments of Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and other places have also expressed that they would participate in resolving the pledge crisis of local listed companies by establishing funds or directly accepting them

recently, sunnianrui, deputy director of the supervision department of listed companies of the CSRC, said that the testing of the experimental machine for the change of pledge materials was slightly more extensive before. 2. The number of companies with a pledge rate of more than 80% has decreased. Companies with a pledge rate of more than 60% have solved the pledge risk, but the pledge rate of another 100 companies has exceeded 80% again. Under the cooperation of multiple departments, the risk of equity pledge caused by sharp decline has been contained. By the end of November this year, the market value of the A-share market hit the closing line was about 700billion yuan, and the corresponding risk exposure financing amount was about 600billion yuan to 700billion yuan. In fact, the strong level was only 9.8 billion yuan, accounting for 1.5%

in December, with the entry of a large number of relief funds, the problem of high proportion pledge of listed companies has been gradually alleviated, and there has been a wave of "pledge release", which can be said to reassure the market

according to the statistics of securities, as of December 14, only 20 companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges had equity pledge ratios exceeding 70%; 61 companies' equity pledge ratio exceeded 60%

towards the end of the year, the high proportion pledge crisis in the capital market in 2018 is gradually coming to an end. For many listed companies, under the high proportion pledge crisis, some companies began to be forced to carry out transformation, and some companies took the initiative to introduce state-owned assets. When the control right occurred, the balcony board would not need to be covered with large-scale extruded boards up to 3cm thick. In any way, investors also expect these companies to usher in the rebirth after nirvana in the new year

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