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After only half a year of operation, a packaging factory in Hebei Province has millions of yuan of products leaving the factory every day. Release date: Source: Handan TV

Jinan experimental machine factory shoe material heat resistance testing machine is mainly used to test the physical properties of high temperature resistance of shoe sole materials. In the face of huge market demand, Xinyuan packaging products Co., Ltd., located in Handan City, Hebei Province, started construction in March 2020 and completed production in September. It took only half a year, At present, more than one million worth of products are exported every day

according to the "Handan TV" news, Xinyuan packaging products Co., Ltd. has integrated the seemingly ordinary carton production into the new technology of intellectualization and industrialization, realizing land conservation, production environmental protection and chain integrity. It has not only created a new mode of environmentally friendly paper packaging production, but also become a model for the city's industrial projects to save land

in the production workshop of Xinyuan packaging products Co., Ltd., a German BHS corrugated board production line integrating industrialization and intelligence has realized a high degree of automation from production order arrangement to switching

in terms of raw material procurement, Xinyuan packaging products Co., Ltd. mainly purchases imported paper from the United States and Australia, as well as packaging paper from domestic leading enterprises. At the same time, the company also implanted chips into each roll of base paper, opening up the last 100 meters of intelligent production

from the production of corrugated board to the carton forming, appearance printing and the whole process coverage, Xinyuan packaging products Co., Ltd. has realized the one-stop production line of base paper entering the factory and finished products leaving the factory, creating a whole chain of packaging industry depending on the laboratory temperature, and the land plot ratio has reached 1.8, far exceeding the standard of 1.5 in the national economic and Technological Development Zone

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