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Only through sincere cooperation between door enterprises and dealers can they achieve long-term development.

although the online e-commerce platform has developed rapidly, the development of wooden door enterprises is still dominated by dealers all over the country, and the relationship between enterprises and dealers is interdependent and inseparable. Jinan experimental machine factory summarizes the following for you: if wooden door enterprises want to maintain sustainable development and expand market channels, they need to adhere to the principle of "seeking common ground while reserving differences" and combine production and marketing support at the same time, so as to promote friendly cooperation between enterprises and dealers and achieve win-win results for both sides

the enterprise and the dealer should take the principle of "seeking common ground while reserving differences" to avoid using an additional layer of covering materials to reduce fading clauses in the routine.

at the beginning of cooperation, the enterprise and the dealer should sign a "distribution agreement" contract to regulate the behavior of both parties in cooperation, and some of them also attach special agreements. However, in practice, the large-scale efforts in the field of intelligent textile are often abandoned. Once a problem occurs and needs to be handled according to the contract, one of the parties will be dissatisfied and feel that it is a big deal in a teacup. This phenomenon is common in the industry. Before cooperation, both manufacturers and businessmen must unify their thinking, correctly understand the importance of cooperation, and reach a real understanding with the agreement as the framework. Only in this way can we ensure that during the cooperation, both sides attach importance to and implement this basic code of conduct, and avoid all kinds of contradictions that will occur later, or even misunderstandings about people and things. There are certain differences in the working experience, economic background, professional quality, cultural level, etc. of both parties. Only by formulating the cooperation text based on the principle of "seeking common ground while reserving differences" and avoiding formal routine terms, can we truly avoid the contract being in vain and make both parties go further and more smoothly

the combination of production and marketing reflects the sense of cooperation.

in the process of practical cooperation, it is rare for factories to fully match the pace of the market. There is a certain degree of contradiction between production and marketing for a long time, and enterprises are also constantly maturing and growing in the contradiction. This is a very normal imagination. The appearance is that the supply exceeds the demand, the production cycle is long, the customer is dissatisfied, and the dealer is dissatisfied; Or the boss is dissatisfied with insufficient orders, waste of production capacity and increased management difficulty. In this case, the information between the factory and the market must be timely exchanged, and the authenticity and accuracy of the information must be maintained. Some enterprises fail to grasp this basic principle, or transmit inaccurate information, or intentionally transmit false information, or fail to transmit information in time. Due to misleading information, the contradiction between dealers and customers has escalated. Customer dissatisfaction, resulting in disputes; The dealer wasn't satisfied, so they decided to quit. Therefore, regardless of any change in the factory, the dealer must be notified in advance. The dealer should be informed of the actual situation of the enterprise in a timely, accurate and true manner, so that it can communicate with customers, resolve crises or contradictions with the company, truly reflect the sense of cooperation and jointly bear risks

unified business philosophy enhances market competitiveness

many enterprises have not grasped the principle of "unified business philosophy" in the process of investment promotion. As long as the purpose of recruiting is achieved, it is good to order goods. In fact, this is only a part of the investment promotion work, and it is also the simplest part. They have not done the investment promotion work thoroughly. Without the exchange of ideas and business ideas, the foundation of cooperation is not solid. An important work to be done before signing the contract is to unify the business philosophy. Only when the concept is unified can we ensure the correct performance of the contract terms; Only in this way can we ensure the consistency of the actions of manufacturers and merchants and have real competitiveness in the market; The unification of ideas will also help to solve all kinds of frictions in the process of cooperation between manufacturers and businessmen. On the basis of mutual understanding, both sides will have a high probability of success; Only when the concept is unified can cooperation be sustainable and effective

in the final analysis, the wooden door enterprises and dealers adopt the traditional additive to manufacture large components in order to obtain higher profits and seek more market development space. This requires sincere cooperation between the enterprise and the dealer, and unified business philosophy, so that both sides can go more smoothly and further

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