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How long can you live in a new house after decoration is the concern of many owners. After the decoration of the new house, people often have a very urgent mentality to move in, but if the indoor pollution cannot be thoroughly purified after the decoration, rushing to move in will only cause physical losses to themselves and their families. How long is it more suitable to move in? Next, let's learn how long the newly decorated house can live with Xiaobian

I. how long can I live in a newly decorated house? I believe most friends who have just finished decoration will ask similar questions. If the ventilation is good, it will take at least 2-3 months. Why does it take so long to move in? Because there will be a lot of formaldehyde in the house after decoration, these toxic substances will damage human health, and it is easy to cause respiratory diseases, infertility, leukemia and other diseases. Normally, you can move in within 2-3 months

II. How long can pregnant women live in the newly decorated house?

the later it is, the better. It takes at least three months, especially the first three months of pregnancy. The first three months are when the baby is most unstable. Toxic pollutants are bad for the health of adults and children. It is best to open the window every day after half a year. If there is not so much time to wait, put some aloe vera, activated carbon and other things that are easy to absorb toxic gases, For pregnant mothers, we should pay attention to all aspects. After all, it has a great impact on the fetus, so we should stay in the newly decorated house as late as possible

III. how long can babies live in the newly decorated house

if babies live in the newly decorated house, it's better to put it after 6 months. Before, my neighbor had a 2-year-old baby. After 3 and a half months of the new decoration, they stayed in the house. After 2 months, they coughed for a long time. Later, the doctor asked whether it was related to the new decoration. He suspected it was related to the decoration, because he paid great attention to the choice of the baby and the decoration materials, and finally got sick, After the decoration, it is recommended to do a good job of ventilation, open the doors and windows, put more green plants, and it is best to buy an air purifier. If children check in, it is recommended to check in after half a year

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