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Almost every owner is waiting to move in with excitement after finishing the decoration. After all the decoration works are completed, the acceptance of the project quality is very important. Here, the editor of Wuhan home decoration network introduces the key points for the acceptance of the quality of indoor decoration works after the decoration. Although after the completion of each type of work, the construction project manager of the decoration company will conduct acceptance of the project. However, in order to prevent accidents, the decoration owner had better carefully check and accept one by one, and make sure there is no problem, and then make the final settlement with the decoration company

project quality acceptance is checked one by one

the types of work of home decoration include hydraulic work, electrician, bricklayer, carpenter and painter. After the completion of this series of projects, the basic decoration part comes to an end, and the finishing work of decoration begins from then on. Milanju decoration introduces to you that you must pay attention to the acceptance of the quality of the interior decoration project after the decoration. After the decoration, the decoration industry should pay close attention to contacting the property to refund the decoration deposit and the certificate deposit of the decoration workers. Secondly, when adding new furniture, the finished products should be protected indoors to avoid hard objects. The repair effect of damaged walls, floors, doors and so on is much worse than that of the original decoration. When moving, you should move with care. Large furniture must be planned in advance before moving. It is best to disassemble it into parts and components, and then assemble it after moving in

keep the remaining materials for emergencies

many decoration owners may have this experience. For the remaining materials after decoration, most people throw them away and give them away. But once there are bumps when moving, such as scratches on the wall or natural cracks on the wall, it is troublesome to have no surplus materials on hand

generally, in order to prevent wall cracking in the future, the decoration owner should ask the painter to repair the wall again. The owner himself should also keep a small amount of putty and emulsion paint for a period of time after decoration, in case of need. Tiles, skirting lines and other materials should also be preserved in a small amount. These materials can be repaired in time after local damage occurs to indoor walls and floors

in addition, attention should also be paid to the storage methods. For example, latex paint is best used within half a year after opening. After the shelf life, it cannot be used again; Ceramic tiles are best stored in a relatively dry place to prevent moisture and discoloration; The wooden material had better be wrapped with a layer of moisture absorbing newspaper

keep the decoration vouchers and retain the evidence of rights protection

the warranty of most decoration companies is limited by years, generally 3-5 years. The certificate of this period is generally the contract or relevant receipt when the decoration company signs the bill. Therefore, the decoration owner must keep the certificate of decoration. First of all, there is detailed commodity information in the contract. Once it needs to be repaired, you can directly find the information. In addition, contracts and orders also indicate some service commitments, warranty period and other matters, as well as the charging standard after the warranty period, which are important evidence for safeguarding rights. Moreover, the design drawings of the water circuit also need to be retained. In case of water and electricity failure, the maintenance personnel can find the cause and fault point according to the drawings, and they don't have to worry about damaging the water circuit if they want to drill holes in the wall in the future





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