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Paint dealers and decorators colluded with each other to deceive consumers crazily. Editor's note: the hot paint rebate event last year exposed that painters in some areas charged high rebates. Although some enterprises have been rectified, such events are still emerging in endlessly. Remind dealers that if they only rely on the recommendation of painters, they will not bring rich profits. If they want to make more money, they need to work hard to expand the market

a few days ago, some readers reported that paint sellers and decorators had formed an "alliance" to cheat money from the pockets of new home owners. Miss Chen, who worked as a salesperson in a paint franchise store for more than a year, revealed to this newspaper that the store she once worked for has long been cooperating with many decorators to "do business" - decorators take guests to the store to choose paint. After the master chooses for the guest, the shopkeeper who has made an appointment with him in advance will offer a price much higher than the market price at this time, so both sides can easily deceive unknown customers

the paint that originally sold for 170 yuan sold for 300 yuan

suspected of cheating consumers is a shop called Anhua paint experience center, located in Anhua decoration city on Huangshi road. Recently, Miss Chen just left this paint store. "After working here for so long, my heart has been tight. Until that afternoon last week, I really couldn't stand it." She said that she did not want to quit her job, nor was she dismissed because of work problems, but was upset, reminding another customer who was about to be cheated

"the can of paint that the customer wants usually sells for 170 to 180 yuan a barrel. The decoration work was discussed with the boss in advance, and the customer was told that the price was 300 yuan a barrel." Miss Chen said that she had been with the guest and introduced the products to him. "Everyone on the scene knew the inside story, but the guest didn't know it. She looked really innocent."

so she whispered to the guest, "200 yuan is enough.". After being reminded, the guest bargained with the paint shop owner, and finally bought several barrels of paint at the price of 270 yuan a barrel. However, it is precisely because of this sentence of the salesperson Miss Chen's conscience that although a few barrels of paint are calculated, the paint dealer and the decoration master "made a lot of profits", they still killed less guests who are not familiar with the market. The decorator was dissatisfied with her meddling, and the shop owner dismissed her on the same day for violating the company's discipline

the paint sold at ordinary times is clearly priced

as an ordinary customer, the reporter came to this "Anhua paint experience center" in Anhua decoration city to find out. This is a large-scale paint store in the decoration City, and the door is just below the "Anhua paint Street" in the decoration city. The paint of the same brand is displayed in this shop, and under the repeated requirements of the reporter, the salesperson said that they also sell paint of other brands

the prices of various paints in the store are clearly marked. The salesperson here has always indicated that the marked price is clear and real, and a dollar can't be cheap. Since Miss Chen said that they would raise the price of customers brought by decorators, for the purpose of subsequent investigation and comparison, the reporter recorded the price of two products on the spot: formaldehyde resistant wall paint is 498 yuan per tank, and full effect antibacterial wall paint is 468 yuan per tank. After that, we went to the official flagship store of the same brand of paint to verify that what they marked for the same product was the same price, which was also the clear and real price. In order to confirm whether there is a secret agreement between the store and the decoration master and how to deceive the owner, the reporter called the store owner for this purpose - this time as the decoration master. After the boss asked about the meaning of the call from the decorator (reporter), he handed the microphone to a responsible clerk, who claimed to be surnamed Xiao

customers can call the paint flagship store to ask for prices

Miss Chen said that the owner now has many familiar decorators, who are accustomed to this method of making high profits. The relationship between the two sides seems to be a mutually beneficial alliance. "As long as they meet guests who are not familiar with the market, they will cut a lot." Miss Chen said, "our boss is very good at looking at people." In view of this situation, the reporter consulted Mr. Li, the manufacturer and dealer of the brand paint. Mr. Li said that the wholesale price of dealers to each retailer is fixed. As for the actual selling price in the store, the manufacturer generally will not intervene. "Because this is the common will of both consumers and retailers, we can't control it." Facing the behavior of retailers colluding with decorators to deceive consumers, Mr. Li said that he could only remind many consumers to be vigilant here. For example, before purchase, you can call the flagship store of the brand paint to inquire about the real-time official recommended retail price

Reporter: how much is the base price for formaldehyde resistant and fully antibacterial

clerk: they are all 50 yuan cheaper on the price list. 448 yuan for formaldehyde resistance and 418 yuan for total antibacterial effect

Reporter: how much can you sell? I want to earn more

Clerk: you decide. We usually sell these two kinds for 600 yuan and 530 yuan

reporter: are other brands OK? What other varieties can earn more

clerk: all other brands are OK. But these two kinds are more expensive, so they earn more

Reporter: but you have a price tag in your shop. What should I do

clerk: after we have a good talk, inform us in advance of the day you bring the guests. We will take away the price first





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