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Naturally, the design and decoration of houses must pay attention to Feng Shui and follow the key points and principles of Feng Shui. After all, Feng Shui is very important for us, especially the feng shui of houses, because houses are where we live, and the feng shui of our living environment has the greatest impact on us. For our good fortune, we must pay attention to the feng shui of houses; So what are the key points of residential design and Feng Shui decoration? The following is the related articles compiled by Xiaobian. Let's have a look

key points of residential design and Feng Shui decoration

What are the key points of residential balcony design and Feng Shui decoration

I. key points of balcony decoration design

1. Balcony decoration layout

the decoration of the balcony does not need to be overly publicized. It is better to be fresh and clean. It is necessary to keep it tidy and do not stack sundries. The side walls and floors of the balcony can be decorated and beautified, and some fresh and pleasant decorations with lasting charm can be placed. Flowers and plants can also be planted on the balcony to create a small garden space and add natural scenery to the home. But if the balcony is close to the kitchen, you can use a corner of the balcony to build a locker to store some vegetables, food or infrequently used items. A small amount of folding furniture can also be placed on the balcony for rest and catering

2. The balcony Feng Shui faces

the old saying goes: Purple air comes from the East. The so-called purple gas is the gas of auspiciousness, and the gas of auspiciousness enters the house through the balcony, and then a family can be auspicious and safe. And just as the so-called sunrise in the East, the sun shines into the balcony in the morning, the whole house looks bright and warm, and the family is therefore mentally healthy. Of course, not everyone can buy a house with an east facing balcony. After all, the house price is relatively high. Of course, the balcony facing south should also be “ The smoke comes from the South ” The warm and pleasant smoke can intoxicate people, which is also very good in Feng Shui. In addition, the orientation of the balcony is also related to the orientation of the balcony in the house. So there is no such certainty that balcony facing west to north is not good

3. Balcony plant placement

there are roughly the following kinds of plants suitable for placing on the balcony and having the function of Feng Shui: evergreen, money tree, iron tree, brown bamboo, fortune tree, money tree, etc. Generally speaking, the plants placed on the balcony should be tall and stout, and the thicker and larger the leaves, the greener, the better, which is beneficial to bringing prosperity to the home

second, balcony Feng Shui taboo

1. The balcony cannot be directly facing the kitchen

on the premise of not affecting the living action, place a screen or cabinet between the two balconies in the kitchen as a partition. In short, don't let the balcony go directly to the kitchen. It can also be used as a partition for curtains

2. The balcony cannot face the door directly

this is a big taboo in Feng Shui, but there are few such Feng Shui exquisite buildings nowadays. If the door of your home is just opposite to the balcony, you can draw the curtain as a partition, and you can also put a porch between the door and the balcony as a partition. You can also add fish tanks, potted plants, climbing plants at the entrance of the door

3. The balcony cannot face the sharp corner

in the Feng Shui commentary, the sharp corner is an unlucky sign, but in fact, it is difficult to avoid the sharp corner in life. The appearance of the sharp corner is not conducive to the house transportation, so we need to avoid it as much as possible or ask the feng shui master to resolve it according to the specific situation of the house

What are the key points of residential interior design and Feng Shui decoration

relationship between interior design and Feng Shui

living room of interior design Feng Shui: the living room is a place for family members to rest and exchange with the outside world, which determines the career development of the family. The main design idea of the living room is harmony and happiness. Therefore, the whole pattern of the living room should be elegant, stable and energetic. The living room should be located in the front seat and connected with the porch

bedroom of interior design Feng Shui: residential design and Feng Shui should be paid special attention to for the bedroom. The bedroom is the main point and center of the family, and a warm harbor for the leading idea of design. Therefore, the main tone of the bedroom should be comfortable, quiet, peaceful and conducive to rest. The bed should be placed in the auspicious side, that is, anger, longevity, natural medicine and crouching position

interior design Feng Shui Kitchen: the kitchen symbolizes wealth and wealth. The dominant idea in the design is abundance, so the kitchen should be bright and lively. The space in the kitchen should be as wide and comfortable as possible, and the ventilation position should be better. The burning position of the stove must be placed in Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan should decide from many aspects according to its own five elements

interior design Feng Shui toilet: Chinese people believe that the excretion of the body (urine, sweat, semen, menstrual blood) has human vitality, so we should pay attention to smoothness and surplus in design. When designing the toilet, the most taboo is that the toilet is opposite to the kitchen door and the kitchen is back to the toilet

balcony of interior design geomantic omen: in residential design and geomantic omen, the balcony is the place where life and sunshine are absorbed, symbolizing eyes and breathing, and representing distant vision. Therefore, when designing the balcony, it is necessary to combine distance with smoothness. There should be good view and smooth ventilation. (guidaye Feng Shui

What are the main points of residential porch design and Feng Shui decoration

First: the ceiling should be high rather than low, too low will have a sense of oppression, indicating that the occupants are difficult to stand out and are suppressed. It's not suitable to be too high. There will be a feeling of open space. It's good to be moderate. Xiaobian suggests that you should keep the air circulating in the hallway and don't feel suffocated

the color of the ceiling should not be too deep. When watching Feng Shui in the house where a woman lives in Beijing, the ceiling of her house is too dark, and the position of the porch is just near second darkness. There are ghosts and gods in her house. She said that there are some. Sometimes the child suddenly wakes up in the middle of the night, and she often has nightmares and feels someone. The other two black are the image of Lao Yin, which is in line with her image of divorce and widowhood. The color of the ceiling should be matched from top to bottom, and it should be consistent from bottom to top. The lamp on the ceiling cannot be made into a triangle, and it is better to be square and round

II: the spacing of the walls

the spacing between the walls should be solid at the bottom and virtual at the top. The lower half of the porch facing the door should be decorated with good brick walls or wood boards as templates, and the upper half can be decorated with bright decorative materials, such as frosted glass. Note that the door handle opposite the porch can be installed with a mirror. The installation of frosted glass is different from the mirror, and the glass does not reflect

the color of the wall should be consistent with the color of the ceiling, and the beauty is the best

III: layout of the floor

as soon as you enter the porch, you will see the floor. When designing it, we should pay attention to the flatness and light color of the floor. The tone should be bright, and the pattern with many patterns and good luck is the best. We must not have rhombic angle drawings. If the wooden pattern on the floor of the porch should flow indoors, it must not rush directly to the door. The material of the floor should not be too smooth, which is easy to make the family fall. Xiaobian suggested that a place with “ Safe access ” Insoles to protect family safety. The color selection should be determined according to the combination of the Lord's fortune telling and the flying star

IV: light intensity

the light in the porch is a very important content, which can adjust the health and wealth of the family. The light should not be too bright, otherwise it will be dazzling and affect the nerves when entering the door. It can't be too dark. One day it will attract the Yin spirit, and the other will make the luck decay. As mentioned earlier, it is best to choose a round lamp instead of a triangle lamp. Beautiful lamps and lanterns will make the finishing point for the porch. Make luck flourish

V: the placement of shoe cabinets

shoe cabinets should not be tall, but should be of appropriate size and height. They should be practical, beautiful in design, hidden, not exposed, and give people a clean, natural and elegant feeling. It cannot be designed in the middle

VI: layout of plants

plants I don't advocate using more in the porch. Moreover, some plants can't be used in Feng Shui at all, and they should be used with Xuankong flying star. Generally speaking, using plants to layout the porch will increase vitality, but we should pay attention to whether the porch space is suitable for placing plants. Plants should be tall and green, which will increase wealth, but special plants with thorns and strong taste should not be used

VII: Design of pattern

the pattern of the porch should be beautiful and generous, preferably with a picture of good luck or a pattern of exorcism. Such as lotus, lion, fish, dragon and Phoenix, money and other patterns. Decorations related to these pictures can also be placed in the porch

VIII: placement of mirrors

placing mirrors in the porch is a very important problem. Installing mirrors can make people pay attention to their own appearance when entering and leaving, and also make the porch appear wide and bright. However, because the mirror has a reflection function, it can't directly face the gate, which will make the good fortune and wealth come in from the gate reflect out. Do not stick lenses on the top of the porch, which will make people feel top heavy and overturn the world




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