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The theme of conversation has got around to “holidays” in my little family. Every year I swear I will not work in August, and every year I work in August. Why do I do this to myselfs claims, internal ministry emails obtained b? It is hot and the grumpiest month of the year. Mallorca is full: full of visitors, cars, noise, and stress.

This leads to normally pleasant people losing their rag just the teeniest bit: the nice lady who serves me in the bakery is grumpy, the smiley guy at the petrol station is grumpy, for crying out loud, I AM GRUMPY TOOs coronavirus response, which has gathered mixed reviews.! I know it’s the pay off for living on this island and we should be very happy to see so many people back here spending money and having a great timeOntario ICUs have 593 patients with COVID-related illnesses, but boy it’s kind of tiring as welllargely lifted restrictions on businesses and small gatherings ove.

Deep breath people, we can get through it and soon the cooler and less frantic months of Autumn will be upon us. In the meantime, I gaze at happy holiday makers with a tinge of jealousy, mixed with regret that yet again I am not on a break… But one can dream, and so I asked in the Mallorca Mallorca Facebook group and in a couple of others (“I Love Pollensa” in particular were very helpful with this week’s recommendations) and here are everyone’s suggestions for nice things to do, see, and eat in and around Pollensa. Thanks as ever to my FB friends for sharing their knowledge and tips with me.

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